Thursday, June 24, 2010


Issue #12 ready to leave the nest and fly from me to you. What will you find once you get past gazing at the stellar cover?

-Mr. Pete Riggle conducts a wonderful and in depth interview with deHavilland/KE Engineering's Kara Chaffee. Her room (w/ the KE Model 50A mono amps) was my "best of show" at last years Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

-Another RMAF fav, we take a look and listen using some isolation products from Gingko Audio. Are they really effective audio isolation devices or really, really expensive racquetballs?

-Learn how to align a cartridge using DB Systems' DBP-10 alignment gauge. Is two pieces of plastic really worth 50 clams? We'll sure-as-shit tell you what we think.

-Does the publisher of The HI-FI Reader really hate hi-end audio? Does the disdain stop there? Maybe he really hates music all together. Read and decide for yourself.

-First of many discussions to come focused on a randomly selected jazz record that may or may not matter.

-Records reviewed and performances discussed, including We Were Promised Jetpacks.

How can you say no? You can't.

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