Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Issue #14- which i'm sorry to say, is the last. Boo-hoo. You can read all about the why's and where's and who's and how's in the issue's intro.

You can also read all about what i thought about the Zu Soul Superfly's. They're rad.

And when you are done with that, read about Kent's big watt, big sound solid state rig. It's rad too.

Then there are the music reviews, that are, you guessed it, rad.

So, no more subscriptions. But you should buy this here last issue because it'll go down in history as a collector's issue. Like a keep-it-in-plastic-and-sell-it-on-ebay-to-pay-jounior's-Yale-tuition. Heck yeah! Get after it!!!!

$4.50(USA) or $6.50 (anywhere else). Paypal to thad6000@hotmail.com or send said amount to:

The HI-FI Reader
3820 Worthington Av
Lincoln, NE 68502

I'm gonna go on and write for a website called HI-FI Zine - which is kinda funny if you think about it. Anyway, follow me on over to www.hifizine.com

See ya-

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