Saturday, September 26, 2009

ish 10

Hey foxes-

Issue #10 of The HI-FI Reader hot off the press for your viewing pleasure. For those who dare to delve, you’ll be treated to our analysis of the fine, fine sounding Zu/Denon DL-103 low-output moving coil cartridge. Next is an essay on records that make a boy into a man. Then we travel over to Duane Peterson’s to spin The Bee Gees in his low power audio sanctuary. Quite the place. Did I mention that Duane has no method of playing digital media? No-sir-ree. Duane’s system is one of single source with the venerable Linn LP-12 doing the job. It was great fun spinning record after record along side his vicious creatures ready to attack at any time. Of course you will then find The HI-FI Reader’s award winning music review section. And last, but not least (actually, it’s the first thing in the issue) is our profession of what it’s all about……hopefully. So get on it, in it or over it. Just get it!

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