Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Issue #3

Issue #3 now available. Check it: an article on Rich Christie's DIY system, a review on the much talked about OPPO DV-970HD universal 'player, Wills writes on his love of MUSIC, an essay on mid 90's San Diego hardcore band Swing Kids, music reviews, hugs, kisses, broken dreams and lost wishes.

All that for a measly $4.50 ppd in the US ($6.50 anywhere else). You can paypal said amount to or send cash or MO to:

The HI-FI Reader

PO Box 85783

Lincoln, NE 68501-5783

Or, OR take the plunge and subscribe! A one year subscription to The HI-FI Reader will get you five, fresh issues hot off the press from my mailbox to yours. It'll set you back $16 US or $24 for anywhere else. Payment can be made by the same means described above. You owe it to yourself to subscribe. Really, you do.

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